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eye care for pregnants

Weight gain, morning sickness, fatigue and… eye problems?

Most women know, or find out, that the whole body goes through lots of changes during pregnancy. But you might not know that vision changes can also occur. Blurry vision is a common problem of pregnancy Hormone changes are the likely cause of blurry vision, the result of changes in the curvature of your eye […]

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It’s the time of the season for better eye care

There’s not a single day of the week or time of the year when appreciating our vision and taking good care of our eyes isn’t important. But there are certain months and seasons that can give our eyes more trouble if we don’t take extra steps to protect them. Here are some tips to help […]


Another reason children should have early vision testing

The National Eye Institute (NEI) recently completed a study showing that preschool children who suffer with vision problems that make it harder for them to see things up-close (hyperopia), perform significantly worse on literacy tests. Part of the NEI’s overall “Vision in Preschooler” study compared 492 four- and five-year-old children with uncorrected hyperopia to their […]

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Eye twitches are annoying, but are they something more serious?

We’ve all experienced it. That weird little pulsing of the eyelid that seems to come out of nowhere, bug us for awhile, and then just as mysteriously disappear. Eyelid spasms, or twitches, can occur off and on throughout our lives, and for various reasons. Sometimes one eye will twitch, sometimes the twitch alternates between your […]

eye exam

Here’s the best way to prevent glaucoma damage

Many of the things we do every day are designed to help us protect our health and avoid disease, from eating nutritiously and exercising regularly to brushing our teeth and getting enough sleep. So here’s the secret to protecting your vision and preventing the damage that glaucoma can cause: Get regular eye exams It really […]

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Don’t believe everything you read, except this

We know that there are a lot of stories out there causing concern by reporting ways we’re damaging our eyes and vision. Your doctor knows best, however, and wants to separate certain facts from fiction when it comes to your eye health: Using the computer hurts your eyes — FICTION Staring at your computer or […]


Shedding a light on the causes of near-sightedness

New research has shown that cases of near-sightedness in this country and around the world have been rising dramatically. Near-sightedness (myopia) is a condition that causes distant objects to appear blurry, and it used to be blamed mostly on genetics. Today, however, studies are suggesting that there are other, non-hereditary factors at work. Here’s why: […]

contact lens care

Attention contact lens wearers. You’re doing it all wrong!

If you’re one of the more than 40 million people in the U.S. who wear contacts, you could be making mistakes that lead to eye infections, even vision loss. That’s according to a recent survey undertaken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The survey revealed that 99% of the 1,000 contact lens […]

Full Service Eye Care

Here’s what your eye trouble might mean

It can cause us alarm when we notice we aren’t seeing clearly. Maybe things we try to look at up close seem blurry; or maybe things we used to be able to see in the distance look fuzzy. Patients often come to see us with these kinds of complaints, and most of the time, these […]

Eye Care

Prevention is the best medicine for our eyes

Many eye complaints – blurry vision, sensitivity to glare, dryness – end up being common issues that can be diagnosed and treated without causing serious harm to your vision. In some cases, however, those same symptoms can be early signs of more serious problems. Anytime you have concerns about your eyes or notice changes in […]