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Thinking of Trying Botox?

Fine lines and wrinkles As men and women age fine lines and wrinkles start to appear around the eyes (crow’s feet), between the brows (the 11s), and on the forehead. At Aker Kasten Eye Center, we offer Botox and Xeomin to turn back these signs of aging. Both Botox and Xeomin are neurotoxins that work […]

Cataract Surgery: What to Expect

How to prepare for your surgery If you have a planned cataract surgery there are several preparations you will need to make in the weeks and days leading up to your surgery. About a week before your surgery you can expect to have an ultrasound carried out on your eye. This will measure the exact […]

The Stigma of Astigmatism

Astigmatism is an eye condition that is much more common than most people realize. In fact, almost everyone has astigmatism to some degree or another. Even if it does not affect your vision, astigmatism is most likely present in your life. And if it does alter the way you view the world (literally), we’re here […]

Treat Your Glaucoma With Lasers

Lasers have really made their impact on the medical world, especially when it comes to vision and the eyes. Most people know about LASIK, and laser eye surgeries are becoming more and more available and common in the everyday world. However, did you know that there are some laser treatments that you can use to […]

More Than Cataracts: How Fuchs’ Dystrophy Affects Your Eyes

Where Is the Cornea? Before we talk about a disease that affects the cornea, you need to know what and where the cornea is. The cornea is essentially the outer layer of the eye. It’s job is both to protect the eye and to also refract light as it enters the eye. Think of the […]

Picking Your New Intraocular Lens

Not everyone gets to pick the lens they see everything through. I suppose if you have cataracts and are getting cataract surgery, that is one of the pros about your condition. Your old lens might have let you down, but now you get to choose a new one. Your doctor will help you make the […]

Macular Degeneration: Are Your Eyes Wet or Dry?

Did you know that macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in the United States for people over the age of 55? Generally caused by old age, macular degeneration is not only the leading cause of blindness, it is also incurable. The macula is part of the retina, which is what controls and focuses […]

Repair Your Eyes with Cataract Surgery

If you have cloudy eyes thanks to a cataract, you can actually have that repaired—and it’s fairly easy too! The surgery will replace your cloudy lens with a new, man-made one. This new lens will improve your vision. It will be like you have an entirely new eye, because in a way you do! With […]

All About Glaucoma and Its Signs

Glaucoma is a condition which damages your eye’s optic nerve of your eyes and worsens over time. Many times it’s associated with the buildup of pressure in the eye itself. It is usually inherited genetically and could show up later on in life due to old age. Intraocular pressure, or an increase of pressure within […]