yag laserThe YAG laser is used to open the posterior lens capsule (posterior capsulotomy). This capsule is the thin protective membrane left in the eye following cataract surgery. If it becomes cloudy (posterior capsular haze), as it does in about one patient out of five, this membrane can be opened safely by the YAG laser.

Usually, increased glare from bright lights or a gradual decrease in vision are the first signs of posterior capsular haze. Further testing will easily confirm the diagnosis.

The posterior capsulotomy is a simple, quick procedure. A laser beam is used to create an opening in the center of the cloudy capsule. There is no pain or chance of infection since no incision is required. The risk of complication is less than one percent.

There are no restrictions on activities. The majority of patients enjoy improved vision almost immediately. The rest experience gradual improvement over a period of several days.