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If you’ve considered vision correction in the past, you’ve likely heard of LASIK, but did you know you have other options?

Aker Kasten in Boca Raton, FL, now offers EVO ICL, a vision correction procedure for patients with nearsightedness and mild astigmatism.

What is EVO ICL?

EVO ICL stands for “Evolution Implantable Collamer Lens.” The procedure is a popular long-term solution for those with nearsightedness or astigmatism.

EVO ICL is a popular procedure due to its long-term efficacy. Beyond no longer needing to wear glasses or contact lenses, an added benefit is the lens’s unique properties that help protect your eyes from harmful UV light.

During the EVO ICL procedure, a small, soft lens is placed inside your eye to help you see better. The EVO ICL is an additive lens, meaning it won’t change the shape of your eye or remove any tissue.

The EVO ICL is thin and flexible, allowing it to be folded and inserted through a tiny opening in your eye. Part of this is due to the lens being made of a special material called collamer.

How Does EVO ICL Work?

EVO ICL transforms how light focuses in your eye. Typically, light enters your eye through the front and focuses on the back, known as the retina. This process allows you to see clearly.

Many people are nearsighted, however, which means the light focuses in front of your retina. This error causes things in the distance to appear blurry.

During the procedure, the EVO ICL is gently positioned in front of your natural lens and behind your iris. Once it’s placed in your eye, you won’t be able to see or feel the lens, and the procedure takes just 30 minutes.

What Should I Expect with EVO ICL?

After your eye doctor at Aker Kasten confirms that EVO ICL is the right option for you during your consultation, you can schedule your procedure. The painless procedure will take just 20-30 minutes, and you can go home after it’s finished.

To begin, you will receive numbing eye drops to prevent any discomfort. Once the numbing eye drops have had time to spread over your eye, your eye surgeon creates a small opening at the base of your cornea to insert the EVO ICL.

The EVO ICL is then folded and inserted through the small opening. Your eye surgeon will make any necessary adjustments to ensure proper positioning.

What Sets EVO ICL Apart from Other Vision Procedures?

EVO ICL is a remarkable procedure that stands apart from other vision correction procedures in a few key ways:


EVO ICL is the only reversible vision correction procedure. Because the lens is additive, your eye surgeon at Aker Kasten can remove it in the unlikely event you’re not happy with the results.

Fast Recovery

Most people experience improved vision within a day or two after getting EVO ICL. Often, you’ll notice that your vision is sharper and noticeably better than it was even with visual aids.

UV Protection

Due to its built-in UV filter, EVO ICL protects against harmful UV rays. You’ll experience the great outdoors in crisper quality!

Reduced Chance of Dry Eye

EVO ICL does not create a flap in the cornea, which makes it much better suited to people already with dry eyes or those worried about developing dry eyes.

Instead of creating a flap, a lens is placed in the eye. EVO ICL does not sever any nerves in the cornea, making it more biocompatible with the eye.

Who is a Good Candidate for EVO ICL?

EVO ICL could be a great fit if:

  • You are between 21 and 45 years old
  • Your prescription has not changed for at least a year
  • You are nearsighted with a prescription between -3 and -20 diopters
  • You have mild astigmatism
  • Your corneas are healthy and thick enough
  • You don’t suffer from any eye conditions, such as cataracts or glaucoma

The only way to determine if EVO ICL is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Aker Kasten in Boca Raton, FL. During a consultation, your eyes will be measured, and a member of our staff will answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

If you’ve been told you’re not a good candidate for procedures such as LASIK in the past, it doesn’t have to spell the end of your visual freedom goals. EVO ICL is an excellent procedure that provides results comparable to those of LASIK.

Because EVO ICL does not rely on reshaping your cornea, it can be a solution for those with thin or unusually shaped corneas.

Can I Remove the EVO ICL?

Yes. One of the significant benefits of EVO ICL is the ability to remove the lens.

Most patients are incredibly happy with the results of EVO ICL and have no desire to remove it. However, there are some reasons you may wish to remove EVO ICL:

Your Vision Changes

As you age, your vision changes with you. One of the benefits of the EVO ICL is that it can be removed if you develop cataracts and need an IOL to replace it.

You’re Not Satisfied or Change Your Mind

Because EVO ICL is removable and reversible, you always have the option to reverse the procedure. You’ll need to return to your eye doctor at Aker Kasten, who will perform a quick procedure to restore your vision to its previous state.

The ability to reverse EVO ICL provides flexibility and peace of mind for those unsure about corrective vision procedures.

What is the Recovery Process Like After EVO ICL?

EVO ICL earns high marks for its recovery times. On the day of the procedure, you’ll need somebody to drive you home.

Your eye doctor will prescribe eye drops to prevent infection and reduce inflammation. You must take a few precautions during the first week following the EVO ICL procedure. Avoid rubbing your eyes or wearing eye makeup, and stay out of bodies of water.

For a few days after your procedure, you could see glare or halos. These will dissipate quickly for most people, leaving you to enjoy clear vision.

A crucial component of the EVO ICL procedure is follow-up visits with your Aker Kasten eye doctor. Your first follow-up visit will be the day after your procedure. Expect others in the days and weeks after having the EVO ICL.

Most patients will experience 20/20 vision or better after EVO ICL. However, it can take a few weeks for your vision to stabilize fully, so be patient and follow your ophthalmologist’s instructions.

Ready to start seeing clearer? Schedule a consultation at Aker Kasten in Boca Raton, FL today to see if EVO ICL is right for you.