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True Excellence has been the core philosophy of the Aker Kasten Eye Center since its inception in the mid 1980’s. Located in Boca Raton, Florida, our services range from comprehensive vision care and sophisticated eye surgery to routine optometry – all delivered by a certified ophthalmologist or optometrist with the personal attention and compassionate care you deserve.

As one of the leading cataract and laser vision practices in Boca Raton as well as the United States as a whole, Aker Kasten is committed to providing highly skilled surgeons, physicians, and staff as well as employing the latest technological advances in Cataract and Refractive Surgery. We are particularly excited to introduce Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery with the Catalys Precision Laser System, the world’s most sophisticated femtosecond laser for cataract surgery. This new revolutionary approach to cataract removal is being adopted by leading eye centers as well as individual eye doctors throughout the United States. True Excellence in Eye Care.

Cataract Surgery

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Premium Lenses

Advanced Technology Lens implants take cataract surgery to the next level. These lenses are designed to provide a more natural range of vision for distances (driving), intermediate (computer) and near (reading), allowing for as much freedom as possible from glasses.

This decision basically comes down to a lifetime, lifestyle choice.

Choices are made daily when it comes to improving our homes and upgrading our vehicles and electronic devices. Our sight is one of the most precious gifts we have and the lens choices we make prior to surgery are important. Choosing a Premium Lens can result in improved vision for the rest of our lives.

Femtosecond laser

Cataract Surgery

At our center we typically combine cataract surgery with the use of the femtosecond laser, making this the safest and most advanced method of cataract removal. This combination takes a beautiful operation and makes it truly elegant. It does so by customizing the procedure and adding exquisite and unparalleled accuracy and safety.

Our Services

Aker Kasten Eye Center provides a comprehensive range of services to help you maintain the health of your eyes so that you continue to have the best vision possible at every age. These services range from general medical eye exams to sophisticated eye surgery, all performed in our state-of-the-art facility in Boca Raton.

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Laser Procedures

Dry Eyes

This place is the definition of professionalism and courtesy. Rare for south Florida, they are almost always on time. All of the doctors are top notch and that level of competency is reflected in the support staff as well. I’ve been going here for 10 years and now travel over an hour to get here. I’ve never felt like a number here.

Lawrence D

During my three-week exposure to the staff at Aker Kasten, I found them all—front desk personnel, the medical assistants, the managers, and the physicians—to be courteous, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Even though my appointments were added to an already-packed schedule, no one even hinted that that created extra work or longer hours for them. Instead, they treated like caring family determined to do what they could to save my sight. In addition, they listened carefully so they fully understood my needs and concerns. Instead of rushing through the usual standards of care so they could move on to the next patient, they explained details about my condition no one over the past 12 years has even mentioned. That won my trust and enabled me to more fully participate in decisions about my medical care. And it left me wondering why anyone living within a 100-mile radius would go anywhere else.

Sandi L

After researching many eye surgeons to remove my cataracts I decided to use Dr. Aker, and was glad I did. The standard of professionals from measurements to surgery cannot be beat. The very next day after surgery I couldn't believe the world of difference in my eyesight.

V Walton

As someone who avoids doctors, I was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding care I received at Aker Kasten Eye Center. Everyone at Aker Kasten showed compassion, knowledge and the highest professional care I could ever wish for. My cataract removal was painless and I am seeing much better. I highly recommend Aker Kasten. They are prompt and won't leave you waiting around.

Jill G