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Cataract Surgery Boca Raton FloridaDr. Aker and Dr. Rodila use a sutureless technique and a procedure called phacoemulsification which is the safest, most advanced method of cataract removal. This is used most often in conjunction with the femtosecond laser, used to provide precise and customized cataract surgery. Once the cataract is removed, a permanent intraocular lens is gently placed in the eye.

Our patients can typically anticipate a dramatic and rapid recovery of excellent vision following cataract surgery. In patients with extremely dense cataracts there is sometimes a more gradual recovery of vision. Patients that choose a standard IOL will usually need reading glasses following surgery. However, today we are fortunate to have newer technology that will provide a more natural range of vision for near (reading), intermediate (computer) and distance (driving). Learn more about Advanced Premium Lenses.








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