Aker Kasten Eye Center | Laser cataract removal can change your view of eye surgery

Laser cataract removal can change your view of eye surgery

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Laser Eye Surgery on June 30, 2016

Laser ProceduresEye “surgery” doesn’t really begin to describe the technique that has revolutionized the world of cataract treatment — now laser-guided. Lasers have been used for some time to treat eye diseases and various conditions, but they are fairly new tools in laser cataract surgery.

The femtosecond laser

The use of this laser is considered a revolutionary advance in the surgical treatment of cataracts, available at leading U.S. eye centers, such as Aker Kasten.

Laser guided laser cataract surgery

The femtosecond laser allows critical parts of the surgery to be performed with technological precision. In fact, the initial incisions made in order to begin the procedure are overseen by your surgeon, but not actually made by his or her hands – and that’s a good thing.

Enhanced safety during and after surgery

The incredible precision that can be achieved using the femtosecond laser allows the incisions to be literally perfect in design, which provides an absolute seal. The laser also “performs” the opening into the surface of the cataract (called the capsulotomy), by which the cataract is removed. The perfectly round and centered opening provided by the laser also improves the final positioning of the intraocular lens after laser cataract surgery, improving outcomes.

Two seconds to perfection
It’s hard to imagine, but the laser system can perform the capsulotomy in less than two seconds. This kind of near blink-of-an-eye speed provides an important advantage over traditional laser cataract surgery methods: it helps eliminate any problems that could occur if the patient twitches, coughs or sneezes during the procedure. The femtosecond laser also softens the cataract, protecting the cornea by fragmenting the lens into small squares, before the eye is entered with surgical instruments.

Surgery that can meet your individual needs

The femtosecond laser system makes a 3D study of the front part of the eye so that:

  • The incisions can be tailored to your eyes
  • The lens fragmentation can be programmed based on the hardness of your lens
  • Any astigmatism can also be treated precisely

Our patients appreciate the safety, rapid healing and immediate sharper vision the laser can provide – and so will you. Call for a consultation appointment today: (561) 338-7722.