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Do You Need Cataract Surgery?

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Cataract Surgery on November 15, 2014

shutterstock_11269609Aging affects the different parts of the body in so many ways. The eyes are not an exception. As we age, the lens of the eye can become cloudy, leading to impaired vision. The clouding of the natural lens of the eye is known as a cataract. Cataracts are common among the elderly, especially those who are age 65 and older. Since cataracts can impair your vision and affect quality of life, we at Aker Kasten Eye Center encourage people to consult an eye surgeon as soon as symptoms are experienced to know if it is the right time for the patient to have laser cataract surgery in Boca Raton.

When Do You Really Need Cataract Surgery?

You do not have to undergo surgery just because you have a cataract. A lot of people have cataracts but do not experience blurring of vision. If a cataract does not impair vision, interfere with daily living, and prevent you from being active, surgery is not necessary.

However, if you find it hard to read signs when driving and engage in certain hobbies, it is time that you consider laser cataract surgery. Simply put, if your cataract inhibits you from doing the things you love, consider surgery.

Making the Decision to Undergo Surgery

It is important to understand that it is still the patient who will make the decision whether he or she will or will not undergo surgery. Your eye surgeon will only educate you on the procedure and give you the knowledge that you need to make a well-informed decision regarding laser cataract surgery.

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