Aker Kasten Eye Center | Ten eye opening things everyone should know about cataracts

Ten eye opening things everyone should know about cataracts

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Cataract on July 30, 2015

cataractWhat exactly is a cataract? In simple terms, it is a condition where the lens of the eye becomes cloudy. The result is blurred vision, even some vision loss. Most of us have heard of cataracts, and we’ve probably also heard plenty of anecdotes about who gets them and why and what can be done about them– some true, some not. But regardless of what you think you know about cataracts, some of these important facts may surprise you:

  1. Over 20 million Americans have cataracts
    Three million new cases occur every year, and more than half of all people in the U.S. over age 65 have them.
  2. They are usually found in men and women over 40
    That is an age much younger than most people think.
  3. Cataracts can also occur among children and young adults
    Cataracts in younger people usually depend on risk factors and other health-related events. You can be born with them or acquire them as your age; you can get them if you have diabetes or from an eye injury.
  4. Taking vitamins does not prevent cataracts
  5. Taking aspirin does not prevent cataracts
  6. Cataracts can’t be treated with eye drops or medicines
  7. There is good news
    They can be treated quite successfully with surgery.
  8. Most people don’t choose to have surgery as soon as they first develop cataracts
    Surgery is usually chosen when the condition causes enough vision loss to interfere with daily activities such as reading, working and driving.
  9. Cataract surgery is extremely safe
    It is also up to 95% successful.
  10. In most cases, your vision will improve in a few days post-surgery
    You will be able resume normal activities fairly soon, and your vision will continue to improve for the weeks and months following the surgery.

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