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All you Need to Know about Eye Floaters

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Eye Floaters on August 15, 2018

Eye Floaters Boca Raton, FLEye floaters are minuscule spots that drift through your field of vision. They are particularly noticeable when you stare at something bright like the sky. They can be an annoyance but they should not be causing vision problems. Sometimes an especially large floater can slightly obscure your vision, but only in certain types of light. Generally, you will notice floaters less as time goes on. In rare instances do you actually require treatment.

How do I know if I have a floater?

A floater will dart off your field of vision when you try to focus on it. They may appear to be black or gray dots, scraggly lines, rings, or cobwebs. Floaters are typically minuscule flecks of collagen. This protein substance is part of the vitreous substance in the back of the eye. With age, the protein that makes up the vitreous will break down into clumps of protein. These clumps cast shadows on the retina which we see as floaters. Floaters tend to occur with age, but they can also develop due to eye disease, eye injury, diabetic retinopathy, crystal-like deposits from the vitreous, or eye tumors.

When should I visit the eye doctor?

If you have eye floaters that don’t change, don’t worry about it. If you notice any of the following, visit the doctor as soon as possible: flashes of light, loss of side vision, eye pain, floaters after eye trauma, or vision changes that come suddenly and worsen over time.

Floaters are generally left untreated because they do not pose a health or vision risk. If your eye floaters obscure your vision, you may need to get a vitrectomy. During this procedure the vitreous is replaced with a salt solution. If your eye floaters are just a general annoyance, move your eyes to shift the fluid around. This will generally clear your eye sight.

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