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Easy Ways to Prevent Dry Eyes

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Dry Eyes on January 30, 2015

Dry EyesDry eye symptoms are a nuisance and can affect your quality of life. Although various treatments for dry eyes are available here at our Boca Raton eye care practice, it is still important for patients to avoid situations that cause irritation. Here are easy ways you to avoid dry eye symptoms.

Say good-bye to smoking. Cigarette smoke aggravates your dry eye symptoms. Quitting is the only way to remove this irritant.

Put the computer screen below eye level. Your computer screen should be positioned below eye level so that you do not have to open your eyes as wide as you have to when the computer is above eye level. This simple action can help slow down the evaporation of tears between blinks.

Be mindful of your environment. Air at high altitudes can be really dry. When flying over long distances, it helps to close your eyes often for a couple of minutes at a time to help minimize tear evaporation.

Take a break. Tasks that require your visual concentration such as reading can cause dry eye symptoms, so be sure to take regular short breaks during long tasks. You can spread the tears over your eyes by blinking repeatedly for a couple of seconds.

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