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Eye Floaters: What Are They?

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Eye Care on January 15, 2015

Dermal FillersDo you notice some spots in your vision here and there, as well as tiny specks that seem like cobwebs suddenly drifting from one corner? If you are puzzled as to what they truly are, you may be seeing eye floaters. Although they usually don’t pose a serious concern, they can be bothersome to the individual, and may predispose you to a more serious eye condition.

What could cause floaters?

Floaters are caused by the eye’s vitreous substance, which has a gel-like consistency, breaking loose from the surface of the eye. The vitreous substance gradually liquefies each day. While this is so, some particles of this gel-like substance will occasionally float throughout the watery coating of the eye. They form different sizes and shapes and become what are known as “floaters.”

What happens when we have floaters?

It’s normal for floaters to occasionally come and go in our field of sight, yet in more serious cases, they can be a sign of a medical emergency. Seek immediate professional help if you start to experience showers of floaters and flashes. This could mean that the eye’s vitreous humor is pulling away from the retina. Sometimes, the retina could be pulled away from your inner eye’s back cavity, which is a rich source of oxygen, blood, and nutrients that keep the eye functioning.

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