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First Aid Tips for Common Eye Injuries

An injury to the eye may be mild or severe. In fact, some problems that arise may result in permanent eye damage and vision loss. An injury to the eye can happen at any time, anywhere, to anyone. Children and adults needs to take great care to protect their eyes when engaging in certain sports […]

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Interesting Eye Facts

Our eyes are incredible organs that help us experience and appreciate the world and the people around us. At Aker Kasten Eye Center, we want to help you experience the best eye health possible. Here are some interesting facts about our eyes that will help you gain a whole new appreciation for them. Brown is […]

Foods To Eat For Healthier Eyes

Beyond regular eye check ups and wearing sunglasses, you can care for your eyes on a daily basis by consuming the right types of foods. Consider how you can integrate the following foods into your daily meals for healthier eyes. Red Peppers Bell peppers have an enormous amount of vitamin C, which enhances your eyes […]

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Your Vision Questions, Answered

At Aker Kasten Eye Center, we pride ourselves in offering exceptional service and quality care. Your eye health is as important to us as it is to you. With that in mind, here are commonly asked questions about vision and vision care to help you understand your eye health more completely. Why does my eye […]

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How to Properly Flush Your Eyes

It’s only natural to rub your eyes when you get something caught in them, but that’s one of the worst things you can do.By placing an excessive amount of pressure on your eyes, too much rubbing can cause permanent eye damage. So, before you go to rub your eyes to get something out of them […]

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Brown Eyed Beauty: 3 Unique Benefits of Brown Eyes

Your mother and even grandmother may still remind you of how unique and valuable you are (no matter how embarrassing it may be), but if you have brown eyes, you may just feel like you’re another number in the crowd. However, brown eyes are a bit more unique than you may not be aware of. […]

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How to Protect your Eyes

It’s easy to forget how small, but potentially dangerous habits can alter your eye health. In some cases, you may not see the full consequences for decades. Here are easy changes you can make to your daily routine to ensure you’re taking care of your eyes. Eating well: If you want your body to operate […]

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Don’t ignore what’s right before your eyes

When it comes to your vision, it might be time to start acting like a grown-up. Because as adults, we understand how important it is to take good care of our cars, our homes, our appearance and hopefully our health, right? A recent survey undertaken by the American Academy of Ophthalmology revealed that over half […]

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Learn about a surgery that can save your vision

Some people who are blind in one eye may then discover they are losing their sight in the other. They may have gone to doctors and been told nothing could be done to save their vision. But there can be a diagnosis for this problem, and in many cases, vision-saving surgery can be performed. The […]


Maximizing vision in both eyes with monovision

Monovision. The sound of the word might make you think that it’s a type of vision that involves using only one eye, not a particularly positive way to enjoy seeing. In truth, monovision is a popular method used by eye surgeons to optimize vision is both eyes — distance and near vision — following cataract or […]