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Why You Need An Eye Exam

Just because you can see fine doesn’t mean you should forget about your eye health. Occasional eye exams can help prevent the progression of major eye problems if caught beforehand. Your eye doctor can also catch diabetes early on. If you haven’t been to your eye doctor in a few years, its time to schedule […]

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How To Prepare For Your Eye Exam

Those with perfect vision may think that regular eye exams are unnecessary. This is a dangerous falsehood that could result in an eye disease being left unchecked. Eye exams are an essential tool in eye health and identifying potential eye problems before they progress to the point of no return. Your eye doctor is also […]

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6 Fun Facts About Your Eyes

Our eyes are arguably some of the most wondrous organs in our body. They allow us to perceive depth, comprehend spatial concepts, see color, appreciate nature, and notice a smile. But did you know that 80% of our memories are determined by what we see? As wild as it may seem, it’s true. So are […]

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4 Ways to Keep your Eyes Healthy

Beyond regular eye exams at Aker Kasten Eye Center, there are specific ways you can keep your eyes healthy. Consider how you can integrate each of the following 4 suggestions into your daily routine. Eat the right foods: Excellent eye health begins on your plate. When considering what to have for your next meal, focus […]

Start the New Year off right with an eye exam

Regular eye exams are an important part of preventive health. Eyes can sometimes reveal greater health concerns or “silent problems” like glaucoma, age related macular degeneration, cataracts, or diabetic retinopathy. Read on to find out how often you should be getting an eye exam and why they are so important. How often should I get […]

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How to Prevent Eyestrain from Digital Devices

Digital devices get a lot of screen time with our eyes. From computers, smartphones, and tablets to binge watching your favorite TV show, your eyes don’t get much rest. There are simple ways to start now to prevent eyestrain caused by your digital devices. Why do screens cause eyestrain? First, it is important to understand […]

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Why dilated eye exams are necessary

Dilated eye exams allow your doctor to view hard to see areas at the back of your eye, known as the retina. Using eye drops to dilate your pupils, your doctor can view features that will reveal your current vision health. The exam is typically done in conjunction with your regular eye exam check up. […]

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Your eyes do a lot of talking. Here’s what they’re saying

Your eyes don’t just tell the world a lot about how you feel emotionally; they can also offer a glimpse into how you feel health wise. For example, your eyes can signal you may have: Diabetes High levels of stress Infection High blood pressure High cholesterol Signs of diabetes You might assume that if your […]

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You need regular eye exams. Here’s why

A new study is confirming what your eye doctor already knows: even if you experience no perceived vision changes, you are “more likely than not” to still have some changes in your eye health that will be uncovered during a routine eye exam. Comprehensive eye exams uncover critical to eye health issues The study showed […]

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Learn about a surgery that can save your vision

Some people who are blind in one eye may then discover they are losing their sight in the other. They may have gone to doctors and been told nothing could be done to save their vision. But there can be a diagnosis for this problem, and in many cases, vision-saving surgery can be performed. The […]