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Why You Need An Eye Exam

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Eye Exam on February 15, 2019

Eye Exam Boca Raton, FlJust because you can see fine doesn’t mean you should forget about your eye health. Occasional eye exams can help prevent the progression of major eye problems if caught beforehand. Your eye doctor can also catch diabetes early on. If you haven’t been to your eye doctor in a few years, its time to schedule that appointment. Start your New Year off right by knowing the state of your eye health.

What to expect

During your appointment, your eye doctor will ask you some general health questions. Make sure you come prepared by bringing your glasses or contacts (if you wear them). Prepare a list of your medications or supplements and any questions you may have about your eye health. Also, know your medical insurance information before you go. Understand what type of coverage you have for eye health. Vision insurance will often cover general eye care but might not cover specific conditions.

After you fill out your new patient forms, you will go to an exam room. Some of the tests the eye doctor may do include: have you read from a letter chart, test your ability to read 3-D, test your side vision, and color perception. Tonometry is a glaucoma test. This is done by numbing the eye with eye drops and measuring eye pressure with a puff of air given to the eye.

The actual eye exam involves checking different parts of the eye. This could include having the pupils dilated so the doctor can have a clear view of the eye interior. If your eyes are dilated, you will need to wear eye protection or sunglasses after your appointment as your eyes will be extremely sensitive to the sun.

What an eye exam can do

As mentioned earlier, an eye exam can identify early signs of other diseases like diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure or arthritis. Remember, even if you feel like you have perfect vision, an eye exam can still check for preliminary cues that could represent larger issues down the road.

Your appointment

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