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Learn about a surgery that can save your vision

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Eye Care, Eye Exam on February 28, 2017

eye examSome people who are blind in one eye may then discover they are losing their sight in the other. They may have gone to doctors and been told nothing could be done to save their vision. But there can be a diagnosis for this problem, and in many cases, vision-saving surgery can be performed.

The condition could be the result of a macular hole
This is a degeneration of the central retina that leads to a blind spot in central vision. It usually only occurs in those over 60 years of age, and can be caused by

  • Degeneration of the retina
  • A pulling force from the gel that fills the eye
  • Scars that form on the retinal surface

Treatment for a macular hole is possible
Vitreoretinal surgery is the only available treatment for macular holes. It takes about an hour and involves removing the gel in the retina along with the scar tissue around the hole. A gas bubble is then placed in the eye. Once the surgery is completed, patients must spend the majority of a three-week recovery period in a facedown position. This keeps the gas bubble in the proper position against the macular hole until the gas dissolves. The awkward recover is worth it to most patients, who can find their vision returning and improving in the seeing eye as clear as 20/25.

How successful is this eye surgery?
Vitreoretinal surgery can be up to 90% successful when performed within six months of the onset of symptoms. If present, a cataract can also be removed during the surgical procedure.

As you age, it’s even more important to check your vision
You can do periodic home checks simply by covering one eye at a time and assessing your ability to see. If performed on a regular basis, you will be able to detect distortions in your central vision and seek early treatment.  In addition, regular eye exams can help us track any signs of this problem, especially for those who have already lost partial or all of their vision in one eye. Call for your appointment today: (561) 338-7722.