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How to Prevent Eyestrain from Digital Devices

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Eye Exam on October 15, 2017

Eye Exams Boca Raton, Fl Digital devices get a lot of screen time with our eyes. From computers, smartphones, and tablets to binge watching your favorite TV show, your eyes don’t get much rest. There are simple ways to start now to prevent eyestrain caused by your digital devices.

Why do screens cause eyestrain?

First, it is important to understand why screens leave our eyes feeling sore and heavy. Humans normally blink 15 times per minute, which allows the even dispersion of tears over the eye. Blinking is meant to keep your eyes from becoming irritated and dry. Research shows that people blink less than seven times per minute when they are staring at a screen.

Prevent digital eyestrain

You don’t need to nix all of your screen time. Instead, consider how you can integrate some of the following tips into your screen time usage. First, make the proper adjustments to your screen. Make the text larger and change the brightness, so it isn’t darker or lighter than the environment and surroundings you are in. Decrease the color temperature on the screen, so your device will give off less blue light.

Next, be sure your computer is about two feet away from your face and sits just below eye level. If you wear contact lenses, try giving your eyes a break by using glasses when you’re on the computer. Try using a matte screen filter. These can be used on all types of digital devices including phones, tablets, and computers and will diminish screen glare.

A lesser-known way to diminish eyestrain and dryness while using the computer is to put a humidifier in your office. This will provide much-needed moisture to your eyes and will cut down the strain you would normally feel. Also, make sure the lighting in your room is the correct brightness. Avoid looking at a digital device that is brighter than the room you’re in.

Most importantly, get regular eye exams. Eye exams are integral in catching the signs of vision problems early and ensuring that you maintain healthy eyes. Call us to schedule your eye exam at (561) 338-7722. We hope to see you soon!