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You need regular eye exams. Here’s why

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Eye Exam on April 30, 2017

eye check upA new study is confirming what your eye doctor already knows: even if you experience no perceived vision changes, you are “more likely than not” to still have some changes in your eye health that will be uncovered during a routine eye exam.

Comprehensive eye exams uncover critical to eye health issues

The study showed that over half of asymptomatic patients who had a routine comprehensive eye exam had some change in eye health or required a change in their care. Also, study researchers also noted:

  • Age increases the number of changes discovered in an eye exam
  • Time between eye exams increases the number of detected changes

Close to 60 percent of asymptomatic patients will have at least one eye change

Most people think they will know if they have a vision problem. Eye doctors know this isn’t true. But even eye professionals might be surprised to learn that over half of patients who come in with no noticeable vision or eye issues do have a problem that will be discovered by a comprehensive eye exam.

Routine, comprehensive eye exams uncover many issues

Many of the issues identified during regular eye exams are critical to eye health, and this new study helps stress the importance of routine eye exams.

Timely care can make all the difference

Comprehensive, dilated eye exams give a complete view of your eye health, which can lead to early diagnosis and treatment of any problems. This matters because treating eye and vision problems at their earliest stage can help prevent vision loss.

Comprehensive is key

Refractive tests or other types of superficial vision screenings aren’t able to provide you and your doctor with the necessary complete ocular health assessment, so a comprehensive eye exam is a gold standard for eye health. It’s also important to know that critical true eye health can’t be accurately measured with online or application-based vision tests.

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