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Not a dry eye in the house

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Dry Eyes on January 30, 2017

dry eyesA condition called “dry eye” has been getting a lot of attention lately, mostly through advertising on TV. It might make the painful, annoying condition seem like the “problem of the month,” which makes some people write it off and others worry they have a serious disease.

Various glands around your eyes secrete the lubricating “tear film” that protects the eyes from harmful bacteria, allergens and other substances, and when the mechanism doesn’t work properly, you could be seeing red. The truth about dry eyes is that it’s nothing new. It can vary from annoying to painful to infection causing, but it’s usually quite treatable.

After age 40, our tears become thinner

This natural aging process continues so that by the time we’re in our 70s or 80s, the tear film is more watery, and isn’t as effective as a protective barrier.

A solution to a common problem

If you have these symptoms, you should definitely consider using artificial tear eye drops:

  • Chronically teary eyes
  • Constantly itchy eyes
  • Continually burning, irritated eyes

Start by using artificial tears in the morning and at bedtime

You should notice relief for most of your dry eye issues when you start using artificial tears regularly. There are those patients who don’t get sufficient relief from artificial tears, however, and sometimes, the body’s own tears can actually be used to provide effective treatment.

Punctual plugs can be a solution for dry eyes

The treatment works by actually blocking the drainage of tears from your eyes. If eye drops aren’t solving your dry eye issues, make an appointment for an evaluation today. Call (561) 338-7722. We can perform several tests to establish the quantity and quality of your tear film to determine if plugs should be placed in the “puncta” that drains tears from the eye surface. This can help your eyes retain a better tear film. Typically, we first try temporary plugs before moving forward with permanent, non-dissolvable ones.

Nutritional supplements can also help

We offer a special Dry Eye Formula that provides you with the necessary nutrients for helping to lubricate your eyes.