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What Is Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy?

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Fuchs’ dystrophy on December 15, 2019

There are many corneal diseases that can impact the health and function of the eyes. One of the more common diseases is that of Fuchs’ dystrophy. Fuchs’ dystrophy is caused when cells of the corneal layer die off gradually over time. These cells typically ensure the cornea has enough fluid to keep the vision clear and sharp. When the cells die off, the fluid in the cornea may become cloudy and cause swelling of the cornea.

Symptoms of Fuchs’ dystrophy

In the earliest stage of Fuchs’ dystrophy, patients may not notice any changes to their vision or symptoms at all. Some experience some hazy vision in the morning when they awaken, but the blurring reduces throughout the day. In the later stage, blurriness lasts all day, and patients may experience the development of blisters in the cornea. If these blisters become large and break open, they may result in pain within the eye. Because this condition can be difficult to spot in the earlier stages, patients should have routine eye examinations performed to monitor for its development. Patients who have a family member with Fuchs’ dystrophy may have an increased risk of developing this corneal disease.

How is Fuchs’ dystrophy diagnosed?

An ophthalmologist can examine a patient’s eyes and diagnose this condition. This is done by closely examining the cornea and measuring the thickness. The eye physician will also look for signs of blisters in the cornea and use a special photograph to determine the presence of cells in the corneal layer.

Treatment of Fuchs’ dystrophy

If Fuchs’ dystrophy is diagnosed, patients must understand that there is no cure at this time for the condition. However, patients with the condition can control their vision problems and help reduce swelling with treatment. Patients can use a prescribed eyedrop mediation or ointment to reduce corneal swelling and improve comfort. In more severe cases, corneal transplant may be required.

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