We’ve all done this with contacts, but we need to stop

For most people who wear contact lenses, the experience becomes a normal part of life. We hardly give a thought to the fact that every day we introduce into our eyes these things that are essentially foreign bodies. We barely give our contacts a thought, often to the point of falling asleep in them, either […]

You need regular eye exams. Here’s why

A new study is confirming what your eye doctor already knows: even if you experience no perceived vision changes, you are “more likely than not” to still have some changes in your eye health that will be uncovered during a routine eye exam. Comprehensive eye exams uncover critical to eye health issues The study showed […]

The season of the red eye is upon us. Here’s what you can do

Red eyes, itchy eyes, sore eyes – they’re concerning no matter the season. But with spring in the air, it’s a good time to learn more about what could be causing your eye discomfort. Here are six reasons for irritated eyes and what you can do about them. 1.) Dry eye This is one of […]

Here’s what you should know about Lasik

Most people who wear glasses or contact lenses have complaints: they wish they could fall asleep without worrying about taking out contacts, or glasses are a pain during any sports activity — to name only two. That’s why Lasik surgery is so appealing to so many people who need vision correction. Lasik is the most […]

Don’t ignore what’s right before your eyes

When it comes to your vision, it might be time to start acting like a grown-up. Because as adults, we understand how important it is to take good care of our cars, our homes, our appearance and hopefully our health, right? A recent survey undertaken by the American Academy of Ophthalmology revealed that over half […]

Learn about a surgery that can save your vision

Some people who are blind in one eye may then discover they are losing their sight in the other. They may have gone to doctors and been told nothing could be done to save their vision. But there can be a diagnosis for this problem, and in many cases, vision-saving surgery can be performed. The […]

Maximizing vision in both eyes with monovision

Monovision. The sound of the word might make you think that it’s a type of vision that involves using only one eye, not a particularly positive way to enjoy seeing. In truth, monovision is a popular method used by eye surgeons to optimize vision is both eyes — distance and near vision — following cataract or […]

Not a dry eye in the house

A condition called “dry eye” has been getting a lot of attention lately, mostly through advertising on TV. It might make the painful, annoying condition seem like the “problem of the month,” which makes some people write it off and others worry they have a serious disease. Various glands around your eyes secrete the lubricating […]

Holiday vision health is in the eye of the beholder

When you look at those holiday food spreads, do you see nothing but unhealthy calorie overload? You’re not alone. This time of year, meals aren’t exactly renowned for their nutrition benefits. But there’s a different way to look at holiday fare, and your eyes will thank you as much as your body. Look for holiday […]

See the hazards before your child experiences eye damage

Kids these days are busier than ever, with many participating in multiple team and individual sports. That’s why it’s more important than ever that parents, educators and coaches all understand the importance of eye safety. Every year thousands of children experience preventable eye damage Injuries and even blindness can result from accidents that occur at […]