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Not a dry eye in the house

A condition called “dry eye” has been getting a lot of attention lately, mostly through advertising on TV. It might make the painful, annoying condition seem like the “problem of the month,” which makes some people write it off and others worry they have a serious disease. Various glands around your eyes secrete the lubricating […]

Dry Eyes

Why all the focus on dry eyes?

It can feel terrible, even make you miserable, but chronic dry eye is a common problem that most of us will experience at some point, especially as we age.  Chronic dry eye means that not enough tears are produced to keep our eyes comfortable, and studies show that it affects up to 30% of people […]

Easy Ways to Prevent Dry Eyes

Dry eye symptoms are a nuisance and can affect your quality of life. Although various treatments for dry eyes are available here at our Boca Raton eye care practice, it is still important for patients to avoid situations that cause irritation. Here are easy ways you to avoid dry eye symptoms. Say good-bye to smoking. […]