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Don’t believe everything you read, except this

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Eye Care on February 15, 2016

We know that there are a lot of stories out there causing concern by reporting ways we’re damaging our eyes and vision. Your doctor knows best, however, and wants to separate certain facts from fiction when it comes to your eye health:

Using the computer hurts your eyes — FICTION
vision careStaring at your computer or other electronic screens does not cause physical damage to your eyes or your vision. However, eyestrain, and the headaches, discomfort and blurry vision it can cause, is real. And it can occur when you spend too many consecutive hours staring at your screens. Take breaks about every twenty minutes by staring into space and closing your eyes to produce tears, use lubricating eye drops — and drink more water, because it couldn’t hurt.

Wearing glasses makes your vision even worse — FICTION
The only thing that prescription eyeglasses and contacts do is help you see well. But it’s true that our vision can change, and we may need stronger prescriptions as we age. Teens and young adult should get a new prescription about every year; replace them every one to two years if you’re older than that. However, don’t wait if you’re having difficulty reading (especially road signs!), if your vision seems blurry or if you’re having frequent headaches.

Time outside can counteract a cause of nearsightedness — FACT
It’s true that reading has been associated with causing nearsightedness in children. But studies have shown that if they spend time outside, it decreases the risk. This could be because light intensity is higher outside, triggering more of the dopamine that can prevent the eye from taking the shape that causes nearsighted. Vitamin D from sunshine is also believed to be good for eye health and vision.

You should have regular eye exams, same as you do for your teeth and body – FACT
Regular visits not only help make sure you’re seeing clearly and your eyes are healthy, but your eye doctor can also discover signs of other problems with your overall health, long before you notice symptoms. Call for your appointment today: (561) 338-7722.