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Understanding the Purpose of Premium Lens Implants

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Cataract Surgery on November 15, 2019

AMD Testing | Aker Kasten Eye

At Aker Kasten Eye Center, patients in the area of Boca Raton, FL can obtain quality eye care solutions. This includes the placement of premium lens implants during laser cataract surgery. What are cataracts? Cataracts are best described as clouding of the natural eye lens that can result in blurry vision. In the earlier stages,… Read More

Discuss Femto Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery with the Team at Aker Kasten Eye Center

Patients who have been diagnosed with cataracts might want to work with an eye doctor to determine how severe their condition is and when they may require surgery to correct. With continued advances in technology today, patients have a variety of options to choose from when they are ready to undergo surgical intervention. At the… Read More

Am I a Candidate for Cataract Surgery?

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Cataract Surgery on October 15, 2019

Older woman looking up

Patients who have been dealing with the visible consequences of cataract development may find that they impact their daily lives. However, when is the right time to move forward with laser cataract surgery? The doctors of Aker Kasten Eye Center in Boca Raton, FL encourage patients to book a consultation visit and initial evaluation to… Read More

First Aid Tips for Common Eye Injuries

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Eye Care, Eye Conditions on September 30, 2019

Man in hardhat with an eye injury

An injury to the eye may be mild or severe. In fact, some problems that arise may result in permanent eye damage and vision loss. An injury to the eye can happen at any time, anywhere, to anyone. Children and adults needs to take great care to protect their eyes when engaging in certain sports… Read More

Reasons for Using Sunglasses

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Eye Health on September 15, 2019

Woman in mirrored sunglasses

At Aker Kasten Eye Center, we work hard to educate patients on how to improve their eye health and care for their eyes. Most patients are aware of how important it is to protect their skin from the sun’s UV rays. But what about the eyes? Eyes need to be protected from UV rays as… Read More

What Are Floaters and How Do They Impact One’s Vision?

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Eye Floaters on August 30, 2019

Woman with hand over eye

Patients who are experiencing spots within their line of vision may be diagnosed with eye floaters. These “floaters” may appear as gray or black specks, strings, or webs that seem to drift around when the eyes look around. When patients try to look directly at them, they float away off to the sides. These floaters… Read More

The Three Stages of Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Macular Degeneration on August 15, 2019

age-related macular degeneration age-related macular degeneration Boca Raton, FL

Age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, is a condition that can naturally develop as patients get older. This common eye condition is one of the leading causes of vision loss in patients above the age of 50. It is gradual damage to the macula, the part of the eye used to achieve sharp, centralized vision. The… Read More

Boca Raton, Fl Doctor Describes Astigmatism

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Astigmatism on July 30, 2019

Older woman lowering glasses to read small print

Some patients who come to their Boca Raton, FL area eye doctor for an examination to obtain contact lenses may be advised by their provider that they have an astigmatism. Though many patients have heard of this condition, most are not familiar with what it entails. What is an astigmatism? The natural corneal surface of… Read More

All About Femto Laser Cataract Surgery

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Cataract Surgery on July 15, 2019

Man putting in a contact lens

The eyes are the window to the soul. So when these windows are clouded due to a condition known as cataracts, they can impair one’s vision and change their overall appearance to others. This clouding is common in patients over the age of 60. Fortunately, cataracts can be treated at Aker Kasten Eye Center using… Read More

FAQ: Macular Degeneration

Posted by: Aker Kasten Eye Center in Macular Degeneration on June 30, 2019

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Did you know that macular Degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss in Americans? This unfortunate issue affects up to ten million people. That’s a lot of people who need extra care and assistance with their vision. Identifying Macular Degeneration early can help you get treatment before it develops into a more serious issue…. Read More