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You need regular eye exams. Here’s why

A new study is confirming what your eye doctor already knows: even if you experience no perceived vision changes, you are “more likely than not” to still have some changes in your eye health that will be uncovered during a routine eye exam. Comprehensive eye exams uncover critical to eye health issues The study showed […]

Learn about a surgery that can save your vision

Some people who are blind in one eye may then discover they are losing their sight in the other. They may have gone to doctors and been told nothing could be done to save their vision. But there can be a diagnosis for this problem, and in many cases, vision-saving surgery can be performed. The […]

Holiday vision health is in the eye of the beholder

When you look at those holiday food spreads, do you see nothing but unhealthy calorie overload? You’re not alone. This time of year, meals aren’t exactly renowned for their nutrition benefits. But there’s a different way to look at holiday fare, and your eyes will thank you as much as your body. Look for holiday […]

Eye Exam

Six things our eyes may be trying to tell us

Your eyes aren’t just the windows to your soul; they’re also the windows to your health. And when your eye doctor does an examination, he or she can see a lot more than the state of your vision. Our eyes can reveal a lot about our health – some things only a doctor can see, […]